However, we cannot disregard the sexting anonymous origins

However, we cannot disregard the sexting anonymous origins

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This evening I read an article by Lauren Hockenson about a dating app called “Tinder.” My son Adam tells me that’s how he met his amazing girlfriend a few months ago. This dating app is sweeping the country and now plans to go international. Here’s what I read:

College students eager to sneak in a summer fling before going back to campus are in luck: Tinder, the location-based dating service that has been sweeping the twenty-something singles scene, is now available on Android as well as iPhone.

For those unfamiliar with Tinder, the system is fairly simple: utilizing the GPS data in a smartphone, users can swipe through photos of the opposite gender in a classic “Hot or Not” quickmatch game, where only first names are listed. Tinder assures that all of these decisions are kept private, unless it’s a positive match.

If two nearby singles express interest in each other’s looks, they are then invited to view the other’s pictures, see interests through information gleaned from Facebook profiles, and speak via private chat. A new feature, released in late May, also allows a user to play “matchmaker” for friends, inviting two people to chat within the app. Continuar leyendo “However, we cannot disregard the sexting anonymous origins”